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This is a GM-less game for 2-5 players about discovery, adventure, and conflict. It uses hexagonal maps to create a fictional settlement in the past, and its current state in the present, as the players explore it and try to find treasure among its ruins.

The players choose among four different character archetypes ("The first timer", "The jaded veteran", "The desperate", and "The obsessive") and then switch back-and-forth between the past, defining the settlement, the people who used it, and its buildings and paths; and the present, exploring which structures are still in place, which ones have treasure, etc. During the whole story, two scores will increase: treasure and tension. If the first one reaches 10 first, the characters will get all the treasure they can carry and will successfully leave the settlement. If the second reaches 10 first, the characters will perish among the ruins that promised to make them rich…

This game is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.


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