First update after the jam

This is the first update to the game after feedback from the other jam participants. This update is mostly clarifying rules and examples, no changes to the mechanics themselves.

If you were confused about something in the game, this should clarify a few things! If not it may not be worth to re-read. I have other updates planned, and those might affect actual gameplay, so stay tuned!


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May 31, 2020

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Specifically, these are the changes:

  • Renamed the hexagon types to make them clearer, together with the "discovering the past" action, now "building the past". Now they are "unknown", "built", and "explored".
  • Added a specific mark to empty/clear path hexagons so they are easier to tell apart from unknown hexagons.
  • Update the hexagon type table to add suggestions about how to represent each hexagon type on the map.
  • Clarify a bit how the scenes triggered by the tension/treasure questions should be framed.
  • Make it clear from early on that the questions are at the heart of the game, and crucial for the game feel.