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This is a two-player game with a pretty specific and focused theme: forgiveness, and what makes life worth living. It's a game about a person who is poisoned and will probably die, and the person who poisoned them. The game plays as a series of scenes, alternating between the two players: the poisoner has scenes about the bad things the victim did and why they deserved to die (the poisoner tries to justify themselves, winning righteousness points), while the victim has scenes about things that made their life worth living (the victim tries to gather willpower to fight the poison and/or find an antidote, winning hope points).

Each game lasts for about one hour and it's pretty easy to play. The mechanics of the game try to show how there are often two sides of the same coin, first by having poisoner and victim show different sides of the victim, and second via a system that sometimes forces the players to introduce a “contrast” in the scene (things were not as good or not as bad as they would like to show them, or as they remembered them). The game has prompts to help you come up with ideas for scenes, although their use is entirely optional.


Character sheet.pdf 132 kB
The poison of suspicion.pdf 2 MB

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