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This is a game about finding closure after a broken relationship through remembering good moments and the shared language couples develop. It was designed for "BadTTRPGs Jam 2: The Game Ideas Are Still Bad" and it has three main influences: a BadTTRPGs tweet with the idea of using Dialect for a couple instead of a community, the game Dialect itself (duh!), and the song/video Never Meant by the band American Football.

The idea is as follows: the relationship between two people has been broken recently, and the game is about creating these characters and then coming up with good memories, including the shared language they developed (inside jokes, nicknames, etc). Each memory will reduce their respective bitterness scores until at least one of them reaches zero. That's when the game ends. If both reach zero at the same time, there's a chance they will go back together.

This game needs one 6-sided die, one 10-sided die, and a print-out of the custom cards provided in the document. The prompts and explanations assume a romantic relationship, but are easy to adapt to eg. friendships.


neve rmeant.pdf 1 MB

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