Yeti mode and small tweaks

This is probably the last update for a while. The biggest feature is adding a "Yeti mode". A lot of people, upon hearing about this game, immediately made the connection to SkiFree and its infamous yeti. Many would ask if there was a yeti in this one, too. At first I didn't want to add it because it clashed horribly with the chill vibe I was going for. However, someone gave me the idea of having a yeti just chilling, drinking hot chocolate. That I thought could be interesting: to have a yeti like in that old game, but adapted to the mood for this one. It would be a kind of homage and a subversion of the original (instead of being scary, it would be welcoming and cute).

So I got to work and I modelled and animated a very simple yeti. Then I added it in the form of an Easter Egg: you have to actually type "yeti" once you load a track. The game will tell you that the yeti mode is activated, and then you will be able to see the yeti at some point in the track. It appears in every track, and always in the same position for a given track (and with the same demeanour; there are two variants!). Activating the yeti mode also makes it a little easier to get a higher bliss. Enjoy it!

While at it, I made two tweaks: the first was fixing the way bliss is calculated so that there aren't any more rounding errors (eg. it was possible to get 99% bliss score, instead of 100%, even when skiing perfectly). The second was adding a longer draw distance so that the ending of track 3 doesn't have the disappearing mountains any more... assuming that you use the longest draw distance (which is the default if you have never played the game before. If you have played already, you have to go to Settings and set the new maximum draw distance).


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Mar 25, 2021
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Mar 25, 2021

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